Friday, August 21, 2009

Legitimate Pay to Click and Survey Paying sites? (Earning money online)

Recently i've been looking for a part time job, or something which could bring in some side income to pay my bills etc. That's when i stumbled upon these sites which might sound and look like a scam at first, but in reality some of these are basically marketing level strategies which really earns you abit of $$. Of course, it's not a get rich quick scheme or anything of the sort, and if anything, the amount you earn is mediocre but could be in the hundreds depending on the effort you put in and of course 'luck'!

How does the pay to click sites work?
Well basically these sites offer the advertising companies their services to get more consumers to look/read their ads at a specific price per click. And from there, these sites offer you a small % of what they make per click. For example, A advertising company is paying Hits4Pay $0.17 for each click on their ad. And from that revenue they make, Hits4Pay is offering $0.02 to everyone else (us) for each click on the ad. It's a win win situation (more for Hits4Pay though) for everyone.

These PTC sites also offer bonuses and incentives to get more people to join in by referral programs etc. By inviting more people to join under you, some PTC sites generates revenue for you in terms of direct level and 2nd level earnings. In Hits4Pay, each clicks on ads by your direct referrals and your referrals referrals (2nd level) will earn you $0.01.
Sounds very little yes? But then again, it's better than nothing! It's abit like a pyramid/marketing level strategy -> the more people you get to join the more/faster you earn.

Of course don't expect to earn in the thousands per month, this is something you do in your spare/free time since all it takes is a few minutes a day/week for this 'job'. So besides your real job in the office, you get extra pocket money for free!

On a side note, - Survey Paying sites also basically have the same concept as PTC sites.

Do you really get Paid that easily?
Yes! Depending which sites you signed up for, you really get paid! Some sites will require you to have a PayPal account, where they will deposit your earnings to that account. You then can withdraw from your paypal account into your bank account. It's quite safe.
Other sites will post a paycheque to your address and you will have to go to your bank/atm to claim it.
However there usually is a minimum payout for each sites. some sites will only pay you after you reach a minimum amount of $2, $5 or $10

Personally i prefer sites which offers cash payments instead of gifts and vouchers.

Which PTC and Survey Paying sites are legitimate and not a scam?
Usually i look for sites where registration is FREE and no details about your bank account/credit number (income details) are asked. Of course researching and reading reviews by other fellow consumers are really helpful as well.
You could also check the Better Business Bureau ( to see if the company/site has good ratings and are reliable.
Do not join any sites that requires a fee upon registration. Those are likely scam sites.
There are some legitimate free sites however, that offers you an upgrade for a certain fee. That is up for you to decide whether it's worthwhile or not.

(These are some of the international sites that i use which are open to all countries) -
Pay to Click sites that are legit







Get Paid To sites that are legit


DonkeyMails No Minimum Payout


Survey Paying sites that are legit



Hope this review is helpful to those seeking verification on the legitimacy of these sites.


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